GGG Ride February 6

Hello everyone~

Samantha and Tonya will be leading the GGG ride this coming Saturday @ 10 am at the gate. If you can make it please let Samantha know so no one gets left behind.


You kids have fun and Dara and I will see you again in a couple of weeks!!

Happy Trails~


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  1. Hey G.G.G's- Just wanted to let you know abut the WOMEN of DIRT movie premiere on Feb 25 in Portland.

    info on Face book here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=290704048674&index=1

    and pre pay info is here http://www.orbike.com/servlet/com.gcm.servlet.event.EventView?commodityID=37047&command=createProcurement&supplierID=369

    should be fun and there will be some great raffle prizes.

    See ya on the trail