1/30 Ride

Hello everyone~

We are planning another Fun Ride Saturday 1/30 meeting at the gate at 11.

If you feel more comfortable driving in let us know and we will either arrange for a convoy or get you directions.

The plan is to separate into groups if necessary 1 group for our new kids and 1 group for those that are a bit more familiar, that way everyone gets to have their own fun at their own pace.

Let us know if you can make it so we can plan accordingly.

Happy Trails~



As most of you know Dara and I along with a few smelly boys are heading to Tucson for the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo. The race is February 13th -14th. So the first weekend in February will be a very intense training ride for us. We are not planning any formal group rides that weekend or the weekend of the race (obviously :o), however there are plenty of you that know your way around Growlers so please get together and ride your pretty little hearts out!

We will miss you, think happy, cactus free thoughts for us!!


Just for Fun Ride

The tread was perfect and the sun was shining on Saturday. We had a great turnout of nine women. There was a mixed range of skill levels from first time riders, whoo-hoo, to our GGG shredders. Since our group is growing Melanie and I are discussing plans to offer more challenging rides to our advanced/intermediate riders and to continue with mellow rides for the beginners. We want to keep everyone coming back and having fun.

Below are a couple of videos from our ride. Enjoy!


24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

GGR members Melanie Norris, Dara Muldoon, Jeff Muldoon, Paul Norris and Ryan McMaster are heading south to Tucson, AZ for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The team members are calling themselves the Mountain Beavers after hearing about them on a ride in Knappa, OR led by Carol Mathre. Their sponsors include Kuat Racks, Highlander Cycling, Fort George Brewery, Blacx Seatposts, TurboCat Lights, Kenda, Harlot Clothing, By the Bottle, Skutt Kilns, and Growlers Gulch Racing.

The race, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, takes place on February 13 and 14. It is a 17 mile loop with 8 miles of single track and 1200 feet of elevation gain. There are over 16oo participants and is one of the largest 24 Hour events in the world.


Just For Fun Ride January 23

Hello ladies, and Aaron and Jeep~

Dara and I are planning on being at the gate at 11 on Saturday for a JUST FOR FUN ride. It will be a nice and easy pace, similar to the New and Rusty ride a couple of weeks ago.

Let me know if you can make it out!

Hope to see you all Saturday.

Happy Trails~


New & Rusty Ride

We had a great turnout for the New and Rusty Ride on January 9th. Twelve women came out to tear up the trails at Growlers Gulch. We rode Predator, Beauty & Belly, Walk in the Park, and Big Easy.

Left to right: Sara, Jeanette, April, Heidi, Sam, Tonya, Juntu, Ann, Dara, Carol, Ksenia, & Mel

Beauty Trail
Video by Melanie Norris


2010 Summer Events

The dates for the 2010 Growlers Gulch summer events have been released! You can start training now to try and get an edge on some of the guys. Don't forget if you complete all five events you are eligible for the much coveted Fist of Five Cup.

June 19 - Tour de Gulch
July 10 - Ride 'em All
September 18 - Super D (NEW EVENT!)

Happy New Year Bike and Brew!

The GGGs celebrated New Year's Day by attending the 2010 Bike and Brew at Growlers Gulch. Rob Larson and Jack Berry hid beers in the woods for us to find during our ride. The only bad thing was we had to share with the guys. Mel Norris, Sam Loney, Dara Muldoon, and Denise Livingston pictured above enjoying a cold one.


New and Rusty Ride

It’s that time again, starting a new year is a great time to pull out the bike, dust off the cobwebs and get some real dirt on it!!

I’m planning a “New and Rusty” ride on Saturday at 10 am. If you know someone new to mountain biking bring them out, if it’s been a while for you, there’s no time like the present. For those of you that have been toughing it out through the winter months come on out for a fun ride.

If you’re interested let me know.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Trails~