Mega-Work Party at Growlers

We had a blast last year putting in trail and this year is going to be just as awesome. Let’s show the boys how it’s done!! Hope to see you out there. Let me know if you can make it.

Happy Trails~


Please check your calendar and make sure that November 21 is reserved as a trailbuilding day. We had 35 people for last year's work "party" and would like to see if we can equal or top that this time around.

We are on track with our plans to add 2-3 miles to the system again this year. But we need your assistance. Sign-up starts today.

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Jim LeMonds


Anniversary Ride

The GGG's met Saturday, October 31, 2009, for their 1st Anniversary Ride. Sam Loney, Tonya Breedlove, Mel Norris, Denise Livingston, and Dara Muldoon braved the weather to ride all the way to the top of 313 at Growlers Gulch. We then rode down Creation to the ABC Loops where we did several laps on B loop. After getting turned around we jumped out onto the road and descended Upper KMA and the 1st and 2nd Lower KMAs. We got a little dirty but had a great time. To see more photos go to GGGs on Flickr.


GGG Anniversary Ride

Ok Ladies, its time to get together for our anniversary ride. Its been a little over a year since our first GGG ride in August 2008. Lets get out and get muddy Saturday, October 31, at 10:00 AM. Meet at the gate. Email Mel if you plan to come out so no one gets left behind. Don't forget to bring your camera and warm clothes. Lets start this season off with a strong showing of female riders at Growlers Gulch.

GGG Mascot

Gigi is the newest member to the Growlers Gulch Girls. She is still too young to be out on trail but it won't be long before she's running by Mel's bike.

GGR Climbing Championship Results

Growlers Gulch Racing hosted the Climbing Championship, its fifth and final event of the season, on October 17 2009. Representing the Growlers Gulch Girls at this event was Mel Norris, Denise Vernon, and Dara Muldoon. We each attempted to climb a steep hill on five different trails in an effort to accumulate the furthest distance total. The trails included Creek Trail (200'), Lower Jekyll (300'), Secret Garden (175'), Creation (525'), and Lung Buster.

To read more about this story go to WriteTek Northwest.

Dara Muldoon - 543'
Mel Norris - 448'
Denise Vernon - 433'

'09 Climbing Championship - Video

Dara on Creek Trail

Mel on Creek Trail


GGG Time Trial Results

This weekend Growlers Gulch Racing held their 2009 Time Trial event for the Fist of Five. The women's division was well represented by Dara Muldoon, Melanie Norris, Samantha Loney, Tonya Breedlove, Carol Mathre, and Sara Carlson. To read more about the event visit WriteTek Northwest. Check out the videos below of the women tearing up the trail. Great job ladies!

Women's Division Results:
Dara Muldoon 9:08
Melanie Norris 9:49
Carol Mathre 9:52
Tonya Breedlove 10:06
Samantha Loney 10:07
Sara Carlson 13:19

Sam Loney

Carol Mathre

Sara Carlson

Mel Norris

Mel Norris

Dara Muldoon


Summer Rides

MBO, Salmon Creek Trail

So far this summer the GGGs have participated in three of the five Growlers Gulch summer events: the 5K, Tour de Gulch, and Ride 'em All. Still to come are the Time Trials and Climbing Championships. We also took a trip to Oakridge, OR for four fun days of camping and mountain biking.

Due to the woods being closed we have not been able to ride at our regular location and have started to explore the trails in Knappa, OR.