Mel Takes on a 40 @ 40 Ride

Hello Everyone-

I’m am planning a 40 @ 40 ride in honor of 2 friend’s fathers that have been recently diagnosed with cancer as well as all those affected by this horrible disease. Some of you have likely already seen the story on Jeep’s website but I wanted to pass it along to keep you in the loop. I will be creating a Facebook page to track my workouts and progress through all of this as I know it is going to be a difficult challenge. I will let you know when it is up and running so you can follow me and send your encouragement.

Thank you all for your support.

Mel's 40th Epic Ride: It's on! Mel had her 40th birthday last month but she will continue to celebrate with an epic ride in September. Start training now. She is dedicating this ride to Warren Martin and Jeff Alexander - the fathers of GGG members Susan Martin and Shawn Alexander - who are battling cancer. Check the ride route and find out how you can get involved at http://writeteknorthwest.com/archives/7454/mel-norris-plans-40th-birthday-epic

Happy Trails~


Upcoming Rides

Saturday 3/26/11 10am GGG Ride at Growlers~Fun and Easy Pace. Perfect time to dust off the bike or give it a try if you have been interested.

Sunday 4/3/11 1pm-4pm Highlander Sponsored Lady's ride at Stella. I will be there, come on out for a guided ride by some of Stella's "finest." Limit is 12 there are still some spots available. Details at http://www.highlander-cycling.com/events.html if you want to sign up or contact Janice at janice@highlander-cycling.com

Saturday 4/9/11 10am GGG Sponsored ride at Growlers for the ladies at the NWTA newly formed Women's Forum. A lot of women from the Portland area haven't seen all the splendor that is Growler's Gulch. I will probably need help with this ride in the form of ride leaders for
different paced groups as well as sweepers. Let me know if you're in. Let's show these ladies a good time GGG style.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the Women's Forum. There are some great things coming up that are posted. It is protected so if you're not already signed up you will need to get a log on and password.
View at http://nw-trail.org/forums/womens-group/rides-and-events#new