1/30 Ride

Hello everyone~

We are planning another Fun Ride Saturday 1/30 meeting at the gate at 11.

If you feel more comfortable driving in let us know and we will either arrange for a convoy or get you directions.

The plan is to separate into groups if necessary 1 group for our new kids and 1 group for those that are a bit more familiar, that way everyone gets to have their own fun at their own pace.

Let us know if you can make it so we can plan accordingly.

Happy Trails~



As most of you know Dara and I along with a few smelly boys are heading to Tucson for the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo. The race is February 13th -14th. So the first weekend in February will be a very intense training ride for us. We are not planning any formal group rides that weekend or the weekend of the race (obviously :o), however there are plenty of you that know your way around Growlers so please get together and ride your pretty little hearts out!

We will miss you, think happy, cactus free thoughts for us!!

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