Mega-Work Party at Growlers

We had a blast last year putting in trail and this year is going to be just as awesome. Let’s show the boys how it’s done!! Hope to see you out there. Let me know if you can make it.

Happy Trails~


Please check your calendar and make sure that November 21 is reserved as a trailbuilding day. We had 35 people for last year's work "party" and would like to see if we can equal or top that this time around.

We are on track with our plans to add 2-3 miles to the system again this year. But we need your assistance. Sign-up starts today.

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Jim LeMonds


Anniversary Ride

The GGG's met Saturday, October 31, 2009, for their 1st Anniversary Ride. Sam Loney, Tonya Breedlove, Mel Norris, Denise Livingston, and Dara Muldoon braved the weather to ride all the way to the top of 313 at Growlers Gulch. We then rode down Creation to the ABC Loops where we did several laps on B loop. After getting turned around we jumped out onto the road and descended Upper KMA and the 1st and 2nd Lower KMAs. We got a little dirty but had a great time. To see more photos go to GGGs on Flickr.