Awesomeland: WOD in Hood River

In case you missed the Portland premier of Awesomeland: Women of Dirt you can still see it in Hood River on March 27.


Awesomeland: Women of Dirt

This Thursday, February 25, is the Portland Premiere of the film Awesomeland: Women of Dirt. Starring Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Cierra Smith, Emily Johnston, Lisa Myklak, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Dawn Cashen, Katrina Strand, Kathy Pruitt, and Darcy Turenne. This film celebrates the women of mountain biking and showcases their strength and courage in how they helped to grow the sport.

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Clinton Street Theater
2522 Southeast Clinton Street
Portland, OR

GGG Ride February 27, 10:00am

Hi Ladies,

We're back from our trip and have reassembled our bikes. Come meet us for a GGG ride this Saturday, February 27, at 10:00 am. Mel may or may not be there due to a bruised bone from last weekend's accident. Lets wish her a speedy recovery! It looks like there will be a few showers but that's not enough to keep us off the trails. Just be prepared. If you need directions call or email me. I will be at the gate at 10:00 am so please let me know if you are coming out and where you plan to start so I don't leave anyone behind, the gate or the top of Power Line Hill. By the way, I will leave my house at 7:45 on Saturday so I will not get any emails after then but you can text me any last minute messages.

Many thanks to Tonya, Sam, and Ksenia for leading the rides while Mel and I were away! You ladies rock!

See you Saturday!


GGG Ride February 20, 10:00am

Hey girls!

Sounds like we are getting some great weather this week, hopefully it will carry through the weekend!
Mel and Dara are still in Arizona, but will be back this week. They did awesome in Arizona! I'm sure Jeep will post something about the race. Hopefully they will be able to ride with us on Saturday, since thier bikes are being shipped back.
We are planning to meet at 10:00am at the gate. If anyone wants to drive in, that is great, just let me know so we are not waiting for you at the bottom. If this is too early for anyone, again, let me know and I'm sure there will not be a problem changing the time.
Hope to see everyone there!!!


Check out the photos from last weekend's ride. Sam and Tonya built log overs for Lisa and Janice to practice on while Ksenia led a ride on Piece and Pound. Thanks ladies! Have another great ride this weekend.

Sam building a log over while Tonya supervises.

Janice is ready for a bigger over.

Looks like Lisa's getting a little air.

Laurie made quick work of Piece and Pound.
Sam and Tonya will be leading the Saturday ride. I'm pretty sure the start time is 9 a.m. You can contact Tonya at tbreedlove@unfi.com if you need info. Also, Ksenia is looking for ride friends on Sunday. She be reached at kvmueller@gmail.com


GGG Ride February 6

Hello everyone~

Samantha and Tonya will be leading the GGG ride this coming Saturday @ 10 am at the gate. If you can make it please let Samantha know so no one gets left behind.


You kids have fun and Dara and I will see you again in a couple of weeks!!

Happy Trails~