GGG Ride February 20, 10:00am

Hey girls!

Sounds like we are getting some great weather this week, hopefully it will carry through the weekend!
Mel and Dara are still in Arizona, but will be back this week. They did awesome in Arizona! I'm sure Jeep will post something about the race. Hopefully they will be able to ride with us on Saturday, since thier bikes are being shipped back.
We are planning to meet at 10:00am at the gate. If anyone wants to drive in, that is great, just let me know so we are not waiting for you at the bottom. If this is too early for anyone, again, let me know and I'm sure there will not be a problem changing the time.
Hope to see everyone there!!!

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  1. I have made the Picasa web album public, any shots of the gals I take during the GGG rides I will post on it.