GGG Ride at Siouxon 2/20 9:30

Anyone up for an adventure? Lets go check out Siouxon Trail this Sunday, February 20. Meet me at the Chelatchie Prairie General Store at 9:30 and follow me to the trail head. This is a very scenic ride that follows Siouxon Creek upstream. You will see waterfalls, emerald green pools of water, and an old growth forest. One of my favorites!! Bring your guys too, they can ride with Jeff.

Please let me know if you would like to ride with us. Here is a link to Google Maps for directions to Chelatchie Prairie General Store from Woodland.
Signed up: Sara, Carol, and Dara. Ksenia, Wynne, and Denise possibly.

Growlers Gulch Trail Work Party: Don't forget to sign up for the Growlers Gulch "Major Trail Work Party" scheduled for Saturday, February 26, at 9:00. For more info check out Jim's post at WriteTek Northwest.

5K: Its time to sign up for the 5K. So far Denise, Gabrielle, and Dara have signed up for this self inflicted torturous event. Last year eight GGGs completed the ride: Tonya Breedlove, Denise Livingston, Samantha Loney, Susan Martin, Carol Mathre, Dara Muldoon, Melanie Norris, and Juntu Oberg. Great job ladies! Lets make sure we represent again this year. Sign up at WriteTek Northwest.


Fun and Easy Ride Saturday, February 12

Come on out for the Fun and Easy Ride on Saturday, February 12 10:00 am.
Signed up: Juntu, Samantha, Ksenia, Carol, Denise, and Dara


GGG Rides February 5 & 6

There are lots of opportunities to ride this weekend. In addition to Mel's email there will also be rides at Growlers both Saturday and Sunday. Meet at the yellow gate. Please let us know if you're coming out and if you plan on driving in, so we don't ride off without you.

Saturday 10:00 Ksenia, Carol, and I are riding up to the upper trails.

Sunday 10:00 Wynne and I will be riding the upper trails again.

Next weekend:
Saturday, February 12, 10:00 GGG Fun and Easy Ride.

Hello ladies-

Just in case you don’t get these updates….the Harmonic Convergence is tomorrow at Stella. I’m not sure of plans at Growlers for tomorrow but if you are headed out, send a message it looks like the weather MIGHT be ok :o)

Super Bowl Sunday, I will be up there with my loving hubby to get some flagging done before our work party on the 26th so no real riding plans and again if you are heading out for a ride, let the girls know, someone will probably want to come along!!

If you can make it out for the work party on the 26th, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Details are at the link below.

Let me know if you have questions.
Happy Trails~

Subject: HC, Sunday, Feb 26th

Harmonic Convergence tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 at Stella. Be there a little early if you plan to attend. No parking near the gate. Look for the gravel area on the right on Harmony Drive.

Sunday - Dave, Paul, Aaron Althaeuser and I plan to be at the Growlers gate at 9. We will be heading for the Secret Garden to flag the new stuff in preparation for the February 26th work party. We might knock down a few limbs. You are welcome to join us. Bring a handsaw.

Work Party - 18 people signed up so far. Details at http://writeteknorthwest.com/archives/7057/major-work-party-scheduled-for-february-26th. Get your name on the list if you can attend. It makes it much easier for us to decide how to organize things.


Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence is taking place this Saturday, February 5th, at 10:00 am. The ride starts from the parking lot on Harmony Road at 10:00 am. If you need help finding your way to the trail head you can meet Bob at Gearhart Park near I-5 at 9:30 to follow him in.

The Women's ride will be led by Andrea de Ruyter and Carla Michem.
For more information about the ride check out Jim LeMonds website at Writetek Northwest.

Please contact one of the following ride leaders to let them know if you plan on attending: