GGG Anniversary Ride

I can’t believe it, but it’s true, TWO WHOLE YEARS and still going strong. I know it’s a couple of weeks away but I wanted you to have plenty of time to clear your calendars.

We will meet at the gate on Saturday October 9th at 10am please let me know if you can make it. If you know of any other ladies that might be interested, please invite them. Post it on your Facebook if you have one, I will get it on my page and also on the GGG page the more the merrier!!

I hope to see you there.

Happy Trails~



GGGs make The Daily News

On September 1st four of the GGGs, Mel Norris, Samantha Loney, Tonya Breedlove, and Dara Muldoon, met with Cathy Zimmerman from The Daily News to share why we love to mountain bike. For some of us it is getting out in the woods and breathing the fresh mountain air while others enjoy pushing themselves as hard as they can. We all enjoy the camaraderie this group brings and the diversity of rider skills. We consistently learn from each other and push each other to try new things. These are all strong women and I am proud to be a member of this group. Check out the story and video below.
Dara Muldoon

"Thank you all for your part in the GGG we wouldn't be us, without each of you!" Mel Norris

Super D

Hello ladies~

We have 6 of our lovely GGG’s signed up and ready to kick some major butt at the first ever Growlers Gulch Super-D. Tonya, Debbie, Denise, Samantha, Dara, and Juntu are all dialed in and ready to rock. I believe they all have a legitimate shot at beating some of these boys!!!

Come out Saturday with your cowbells and cameras to cheer them on. Jeep will be posting full details on start times and meeting place.

We are looking at a possible start time between 9 and 10 am and the ladies will be going first.

Let me know if you can make it and if you need directions to drive in. Also, there are spots still available if you’re interested in giving it a shot. You can email me or Jeep directly to get signed up. The course starts at the top of Creation and runs all the way down to the bottom of Secret Garden, definitely an awesome run!!


Happy Trails-



GG5K 8 GGGs Signed Up

This year's 5K should be pretty exciting with the possibility of muddy trails, the strength of all the riders, and the number of women participating. Last year we had four women crazy enough to sign up for this event: Susan Martin (4:17), Denise Livingston (4:52), Mel Norris (5:19), and Dara Muldoon (6:07). This year we have eight:

Tonya Breedlove
Denise Livingston
Samantha Loney
Susan Martin
Carol Mathre
Dara Muldoon
Melanie Norris
Juntu Oberg

The GGG rides have been more than just a women's group ride. We have been pushing each others endurance and technical skill levels. We all have our weaknesses and strengths and learn from each other weekly. These rides have not only brought our group closer but have also welcomed women new to mountain biking. While those that have more experience have started to compete. Some of the GGGs have been racing for years while others competed for the first time this year. Some races include:
Denise Livingston - 5th in Women's Cat II at Bear Springs Trap XC
Tonya Breedlove - 1st Beginners Cat at Soaring Eagle XC in Redmond, WA
Sam Loney - 1st Beginners Cat in the Northwest Cup at Port Angeles, WA and 2nd Beginners Cat at Soaring Eagle XC in Redmond, WA
Mel Norris - (Team Mountain Beavers) 15th in 5 Person Co-ed Cat 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
Dara Muldoon - (Team Mountain Beavers) 15th in 5 Person Co-ed Cat 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

These are all strong women and while many of them just want to finish this grueling event I've seen them training and I think the guys should watch out. Best of luck to you all! Many thanks to Mel Norris for bringing this group together.


GGG Ride May 8, 10:00 am

Hello ladies~

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend than a fabulous fun ride in the woods with your friends!!??

We will meet at the gate at 10 let me know if you can make it.

Happy Trails~



GGG Ride April 17, 10:00

Come on out for the GGG ride this Saturday at 10:00. Let Mel or Dara know if you can make it.


Big Win for the GGG

Guess who won a race last weekend!! Our very own Tonya Breedlove took first place and Samantha Loney got second place in a hotly contested cross country race last weekend in Kent, WA. Sounds like there was plenty of elbow bumping and jockeying for position, but by the end Tonya and Sam were racing against each other. Tonya narrowly edged Sam out in a sprint to the finish. Looks like our Growlers Gulch Girls kick ass and take names. Go GGGs!!

Congratulations Tonya and Sam!!


GGG Ride March 20, 10:00am

Hello ladies~

We are heading out into the woods for another fabulous ride on Saturday. Dara is planning a fun and relaxed paced ride and I will be giving a tour of part of the 5K route. Even if you don’t intend to ride the 5K there are some great trails on the route so come on out and join us.

Meet at the gate at 10. Let us know if you can make it out.

Paul is taking the boys so bring ‘em if you got ‘em!

Happy Trails~



GG5K May 22, 9:00

Here it is! The Growlers Gulch 5000 announcement and sign up. Read the story at http://writeteknorthwest.com/archives/3733/gg5k-on-the-not-so-distant-horizon.

This is a strenuous ride and can take up to 7 hours. It is not a group ride so you must know the route. With all that in mind it is doable and I encourage you to sign up if you feel up for it. We will begin training ASAP.

10 women have signed up for the GG5K, 7 GGGs and 3 friends!
Tonya Breedlove
Denise Livingston
Sam Loney
Carol Mathre
Dara Muldoon
Mel Norris
Juntu Oberg

Candi Cook
Susan Martin
Kim Matheson

If you want to be a part of the action but not ride you can sign up to be our support crew. Last year Tonya and Sam cheered us on and kept us all going through the ride. Let us know if this is something you may want to do.


Turning out and showing off skills

The GGGs have been busy the last few weeks with all the riding they've been doing. We've seen a consistent turnout with all the beautiful weather. Lets keep it up ladies. Below are some pics from the last few rides.

Carol, Tonya, Melanie, Amy, Ksenia, Heidi, Juntu, Dara, Caroline, Debbie, Laurie, Stephanie, and Gabrielle.

Juntu, Aaron, April, Laurie, and Debbie.

Laurie, Sam, Juntu, Tonya, and Sara track standing for the photo.

Sam mastering a log over on Piece and Pound!

Tonya getting some air on a jump!


GGG Ride March 13 and 14, 10:00am

Hello ladies~

We are planning our normal Saturday ride at GG at 10 am. Meet at the gate. We will again split into groups as necessary.

Paul will be taking the boys again so feel free to bring them along.

Parking at the gate is at a premium these days so if you can carpool, please do. Also please get the word out not to block the driveway at the end of the road. The property owners were gracious enough to add the parking area for us and we don’t want to lose our privileges.

FIELD TRIP BONUS**** Sunday at the Stella Gate at 10 am. Juntu and Aaron will be leading a Co-Ed ride at Stella in Longview. All are welcome. If you don’t know the way let us know and we will get you directions. Please also let us know if you are planning to be there so we don’t leave anyone behind.


We would like to make Field Trips a regular addition to our rides. If you have a favorite spot you would like to lead us on a ride let Dara and I know and we will get the word out. There are tons of great trails all over the place so we would like to go at least once a month or so and check out some new scenery. Give us your thoughts!

Details for all of our rides will be posted here and on the GGG Facebook Page

Happy Trails~



GGG Ride March 6 10:00

Hello ladies~

I’m planning to be at the gate at 10am Saturday rain or shine. If you need directions or plan to drive in, please let me know.

Also, my dear sweet husband is going to lead an easy paced boy ride so bring your boys (newbies are welcome) and we will send them all away with Paul.

Be sure to visit our blog http://growlersgulchgirls.blogspot.com and also check out our facebook page Growlers Gulch Girls. If you have any photos, videos or comments you can load them there or send them to Dara dara@darahartman.com to put on the blog.

If you would like to lead a ride somewhere, please let us know, a change of scenery is always welcomed.

Once again, a big thanks to Tonya, Samantha, Ksenia for taking care of everyone and to Dara for leading the way last weekend. You gals are the best!!

Hope to see you all Saturday!!

Happy Trails~


Awesomeland: WOD in Hood River

In case you missed the Portland premier of Awesomeland: Women of Dirt you can still see it in Hood River on March 27.


Awesomeland: Women of Dirt

This Thursday, February 25, is the Portland Premiere of the film Awesomeland: Women of Dirt. Starring Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Cierra Smith, Emily Johnston, Lisa Myklak, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Dawn Cashen, Katrina Strand, Kathy Pruitt, and Darcy Turenne. This film celebrates the women of mountain biking and showcases their strength and courage in how they helped to grow the sport.

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Clinton Street Theater
2522 Southeast Clinton Street
Portland, OR

GGG Ride February 27, 10:00am

Hi Ladies,

We're back from our trip and have reassembled our bikes. Come meet us for a GGG ride this Saturday, February 27, at 10:00 am. Mel may or may not be there due to a bruised bone from last weekend's accident. Lets wish her a speedy recovery! It looks like there will be a few showers but that's not enough to keep us off the trails. Just be prepared. If you need directions call or email me. I will be at the gate at 10:00 am so please let me know if you are coming out and where you plan to start so I don't leave anyone behind, the gate or the top of Power Line Hill. By the way, I will leave my house at 7:45 on Saturday so I will not get any emails after then but you can text me any last minute messages.

Many thanks to Tonya, Sam, and Ksenia for leading the rides while Mel and I were away! You ladies rock!

See you Saturday!


GGG Ride February 20, 10:00am

Hey girls!

Sounds like we are getting some great weather this week, hopefully it will carry through the weekend!
Mel and Dara are still in Arizona, but will be back this week. They did awesome in Arizona! I'm sure Jeep will post something about the race. Hopefully they will be able to ride with us on Saturday, since thier bikes are being shipped back.
We are planning to meet at 10:00am at the gate. If anyone wants to drive in, that is great, just let me know so we are not waiting for you at the bottom. If this is too early for anyone, again, let me know and I'm sure there will not be a problem changing the time.
Hope to see everyone there!!!


Check out the photos from last weekend's ride. Sam and Tonya built log overs for Lisa and Janice to practice on while Ksenia led a ride on Piece and Pound. Thanks ladies! Have another great ride this weekend.

Sam building a log over while Tonya supervises.

Janice is ready for a bigger over.

Looks like Lisa's getting a little air.

Laurie made quick work of Piece and Pound.
Sam and Tonya will be leading the Saturday ride. I'm pretty sure the start time is 9 a.m. You can contact Tonya at tbreedlove@unfi.com if you need info. Also, Ksenia is looking for ride friends on Sunday. She be reached at kvmueller@gmail.com


GGG Ride February 6

Hello everyone~

Samantha and Tonya will be leading the GGG ride this coming Saturday @ 10 am at the gate. If you can make it please let Samantha know so no one gets left behind.


You kids have fun and Dara and I will see you again in a couple of weeks!!

Happy Trails~



1/30 Ride

Hello everyone~

We are planning another Fun Ride Saturday 1/30 meeting at the gate at 11.

If you feel more comfortable driving in let us know and we will either arrange for a convoy or get you directions.

The plan is to separate into groups if necessary 1 group for our new kids and 1 group for those that are a bit more familiar, that way everyone gets to have their own fun at their own pace.

Let us know if you can make it so we can plan accordingly.

Happy Trails~



As most of you know Dara and I along with a few smelly boys are heading to Tucson for the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo. The race is February 13th -14th. So the first weekend in February will be a very intense training ride for us. We are not planning any formal group rides that weekend or the weekend of the race (obviously :o), however there are plenty of you that know your way around Growlers so please get together and ride your pretty little hearts out!

We will miss you, think happy, cactus free thoughts for us!!


Just for Fun Ride

The tread was perfect and the sun was shining on Saturday. We had a great turnout of nine women. There was a mixed range of skill levels from first time riders, whoo-hoo, to our GGG shredders. Since our group is growing Melanie and I are discussing plans to offer more challenging rides to our advanced/intermediate riders and to continue with mellow rides for the beginners. We want to keep everyone coming back and having fun.

Below are a couple of videos from our ride. Enjoy!


24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

GGR members Melanie Norris, Dara Muldoon, Jeff Muldoon, Paul Norris and Ryan McMaster are heading south to Tucson, AZ for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The team members are calling themselves the Mountain Beavers after hearing about them on a ride in Knappa, OR led by Carol Mathre. Their sponsors include Kuat Racks, Highlander Cycling, Fort George Brewery, Blacx Seatposts, TurboCat Lights, Kenda, Harlot Clothing, By the Bottle, Skutt Kilns, and Growlers Gulch Racing.

The race, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, takes place on February 13 and 14. It is a 17 mile loop with 8 miles of single track and 1200 feet of elevation gain. There are over 16oo participants and is one of the largest 24 Hour events in the world.


Just For Fun Ride January 23

Hello ladies, and Aaron and Jeep~

Dara and I are planning on being at the gate at 11 on Saturday for a JUST FOR FUN ride. It will be a nice and easy pace, similar to the New and Rusty ride a couple of weeks ago.

Let me know if you can make it out!

Hope to see you all Saturday.

Happy Trails~


New & Rusty Ride

We had a great turnout for the New and Rusty Ride on January 9th. Twelve women came out to tear up the trails at Growlers Gulch. We rode Predator, Beauty & Belly, Walk in the Park, and Big Easy.

Left to right: Sara, Jeanette, April, Heidi, Sam, Tonya, Juntu, Ann, Dara, Carol, Ksenia, & Mel

Beauty Trail
Video by Melanie Norris


2010 Summer Events

The dates for the 2010 Growlers Gulch summer events have been released! You can start training now to try and get an edge on some of the guys. Don't forget if you complete all five events you are eligible for the much coveted Fist of Five Cup.

June 19 - Tour de Gulch
July 10 - Ride 'em All
September 18 - Super D (NEW EVENT!)

Happy New Year Bike and Brew!

The GGGs celebrated New Year's Day by attending the 2010 Bike and Brew at Growlers Gulch. Rob Larson and Jack Berry hid beers in the woods for us to find during our ride. The only bad thing was we had to share with the guys. Mel Norris, Sam Loney, Dara Muldoon, and Denise Livingston pictured above enjoying a cold one.


New and Rusty Ride

It’s that time again, starting a new year is a great time to pull out the bike, dust off the cobwebs and get some real dirt on it!!

I’m planning a “New and Rusty” ride on Saturday at 10 am. If you know someone new to mountain biking bring them out, if it’s been a while for you, there’s no time like the present. For those of you that have been toughing it out through the winter months come on out for a fun ride.

If you’re interested let me know.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Trails~