Hello ladies!

No Fun and Easy ride Saturday, the woods are still closed due to fire danger.  I know it’s sad to wish for rain, but that is the only way we will get back in!

Jeep and Dave are planning to ride the 211 at Mount Saint Helen’s on Saturday.  Time has yet to be determined.  They say the pace will be slow but in boy speak who really knows what that means…contact Jeep for details seattle0@hotmail.com

I am running in the Harvest Classic 10K on Saturday but after was thinking about putting together an impromptu girls night out…my daughter is spending the night with friends, my hubby is heading to Utah….I’m bored and don’t want a pity party at the house J  Let me know if you’re interested, not really sure even what I want to do but it will most likely involve food, beer and possibly some karaoke…

FIELD TRIP!!!  Carol Hansen will be leading a GGG ride at Gnat Creek just outside of Knappa on 10/13.  Ride time 10am.  The trailhead is about 1 hour from Longview.  I am planning to head up for this one.  I will most likely be hanging around after for some lunch and beers at Fort George in Astoria.  We can meet and caravan or, I can fit a few folks and bikes in my car but will be staying so if you’re not in a hurry to get back then you can ride with me.  Let me know if you’re interested!

 Happy Trails~

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