Golden Spike Fundraiser Ride

Hello ladies-

Saturday-If road riding is your thing, then April is your gal.  There is a Green Mountain ride on Saturday September 1st.  Contact April at aprkin2000@msn.com  for details.

Sunday-The Spike crossing ride is on for Sunday with the post ride fundraiser/party to follow.  We need to get a headcount on that one so if you are planning to ride or eat or both, please let me know right away.

Mel is riding for Wayne Carlson, father of Erik Carlson, who is battling cancer, and for Vicky Lieber, Ken Pearson's former employer, who recently died from that disease. Checks can be written directly to the FHCRC, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and handed to Mel. She is asking for a $20 per person donation for dinner. 

Monday-SURPRISE!!!!  I am going to lead a GGG ride on Monday at 10am.  Meet at the GG gate.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I haven’t seen or ridden with a lot of you in a REALLY long time and would dearly love to.  It will be an easy paced ride so clean those cob webs off your bike and dust off that seat.  This is a ladies only ride, invite your friends, we even have bikes to loan if you need one, but the boys will have to find their own way.  Let’s go ride before the rain sets in for good!! 

Happy Trails~

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