GG5K May 22, 9:00

Here it is! The Growlers Gulch 5000 announcement and sign up. Read the story at http://writeteknorthwest.com/archives/3733/gg5k-on-the-not-so-distant-horizon.

This is a strenuous ride and can take up to 7 hours. It is not a group ride so you must know the route. With all that in mind it is doable and I encourage you to sign up if you feel up for it. We will begin training ASAP.

10 women have signed up for the GG5K, 7 GGGs and 3 friends!
Tonya Breedlove
Denise Livingston
Sam Loney
Carol Mathre
Dara Muldoon
Mel Norris
Juntu Oberg

Candi Cook
Susan Martin
Kim Matheson

If you want to be a part of the action but not ride you can sign up to be our support crew. Last year Tonya and Sam cheered us on and kept us all going through the ride. Let us know if this is something you may want to do.

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